Hartblei RBZ-S Parallax Free Mamiya RB/RZ – GFX 12mm Shift Adapter for Mamiya RB / RZ 67 lenses (Sekor Z, Sekor K/L etc.)

to be used on Fujifilm GFX 50S / 50R / 100S cameras with independent camera/shift/lens rotations and preview lever lock.

optional: with removable lens mount for mirrorless FF Camera of your choice

  • 12 mm SHIFT in any direction by 360-degree rotation rasterized in 15°-steps
  • two tripod base extensions (parallax and parallax-free)
  • three independend axial rotations of camera, shift mechanism and lens
  • the quick 360° rotation of shifted lens for panorama/dual shift stitching. While rotating the shifted lens the camera body can be hold by the second hand keeping the horizon level unchanged
  • Independent camera rotation rasterized in 90° steps
  • Infinity focus is retained for all RZ / RB lenses
  • No vignetting caused by adapter throat up to 20mm shift (tested with Sekor Z 75 Shift)
  • Completely free of flare due to the genuine antireflective coating
  • Genuine Hartblei lens helicoid optimized for Follow Focus
  • Very smooth focusing fully independent from the lens size/length/weight
  • Preview Lever Lock
  • ARCA SWISS compatible tripod base
  • Made of Aluminum Alloy

The Hartblei RBZ-S Adapter set will include
- DoF preview lever lock
- long tripod extension
- short tripod extension (2 units)
- small Arca Swiss compatible tripod base
- large Arca Swiss compatible tripod base
- grip for quick rotation of shifted lens

Available upon request:
- Removable lens mount for mirrorless FF cameras of your choice (Canon M / R / RP, Fuji X, Leica SL, Nikon Z and Sony E)
- Additional Preview Lever Lock - highly recommended in case of using several lenses in one photo session
- Adjustment of Flange Focus Distance for only RB lenses
- Side grip for Follow Focus FOTGA DP500
- Tripod collar for true parallax free with Sekor Z 75 Shift
- Follow Focus Mount for FOTGA DP500
- Small Arca Swiss compatible tripod base
- Tripod Collar for parallax-free shift movements

test 1 Nikon Canon

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Hartblei RBZ-S Parallax Free Shift Adapter for Mamiya RB / RZ 67 Lenses

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