Hartblei Tilt & Shift Super-Rotator Lenses

HARTBLEI SUPER-ROTATOR lens design allows to compensate the perspective distortion, to vary the depth of field and zone of sharpness and soften the image if necessary. This is especially important for photographing architecture, interiors, landscapes, and all kinds of advertising pictures.

HARTBLEI SUPER-ROTATOR lens has a 12-blade aperture, which is extremely important especially for digital photography. The 12-blade aperture gives almost ideally round aperture hole resulting in more uniform distribution of light on all area of the sensor in both normal and tilted and/or shifted positions.

HARTBLEI company produces two different types of SUPER-ROTATOR lenses:
- Super-Rotators TS lenses containing the ZEISS optics of the latest generation (serial lens number starting from 89XXXXX) of Hasselblad Distagon 4/40 IF, Planar 2.8/80 and Makro Planar 4/120. These lenses are exclusively distributed by Stefan Steib (hcam.de)
- Super-Rotator TS lenses containing the optics of own production:

  • Super-Rotator TS 3.5/45 (formely produced for Phase One)
  • Super-Rotator TS 2.8/35
  • Super-Rotator TS 4.5/55
  • Super-Rotator TS 2.8/80

All lens elements of own production are multicoated (MC) using HARTBLEI's proprietary multi-coating process increasing light transmission, dramatically reducing flare, and ensuring crisp, clean whites and vibrant natural colors. Resulting photographic images are of breathtaking quality, exquisite in their definition, luminance and color fidelity.
Each HARTBLEI lens is individually assembled and professionally adjusted.

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HARTBLEI 80mm Super-Rotator TS-PC Lens with Fujifilm GFX mount

HARTBLEI 80mm Super-Rotator TS-PC Lens with Fujifilm GFX mount

HARTBLEI SUPER-ROTATOR TS 2.8/80mm Digital Tilt-Shift Lens for perspective correction by fully indep..


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