About Us

Hartblei Company specializes on producing lenses and accessories for medium format cameras.

The main production of the company now is Tilt-Shift Perspective Control lenses. The all optical elements of the lenses are well multicoated. Lenses are available with different types of mount - for Kiev 60 / Pentacon Six, Mamiya 645, Contax 645, Pentax 645 medium format cameras, as well as for most popular 35mm SLR / DSLR cameras with Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Pentax, Zenit, Praktica, and Leica R mounts.

Hartblei lenses are an outstanding value in medium format photography without sacrificing quality or performance. Our lenses are coated using modern techniques and our original HC multi-coating for excellent color reproduction and contrast. Smooth operation, outstanding sharpness and innovative designs are hallmarks of Hartblei lenses. Access the widest selection of optics in medium format photography.

The optimal "price / quality" rate of produced goods attracts as professional photographers, so amateurs that make photos on wide film.

HARTBLEI company was established in 1995. 

Since 2005 we make LENSES and accessories ONLY, but NOT the CAMERAS.